Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Best Way To Take Care Of Pet Stains On Your Carpet

While pets can be an enormous and lovable addition to any home, even the most house trained of pups can end up wreaking havoc on your carpets. So what is the best method of dealing with those stains in the immediate? Especially when you don’t want to leave any cleaning chemicals around that could put your pet in danger.

Believe it or not, a combination of vinegar and baking soda can be your best bet when it comes to pet stains. But the steps are what’s important here. Firstly, pour some vinegar on the stain, enough to soak the stain up, and then sprinkle some baking soda over it. If you put the baking soda first you’ll end up with a bubbly foamy mess (as I’m sure we all remember from junior high science class). But if you pour the vinegar first you avoid the overflowing reaction. Done the right way you’ll be able to hear the baking soda pop and crackle as it’s deodorizing the carpet while the vinegar absorbs the stain.

You’ll want to leave this for a day or two to the let stain be fully absorbed. It’s a good idea to put a bowl or some sort of covering over the stain to keep the foot traffic from kicking over your baking soda. But after about thirty six hours you can sweep up the baking soda and vacuum over the stain and voila, you’ll see a completely clean and fresh smelling section of carpet instead of the lingering remnants of a pet stain.

And while this method is all well and good for small stains here and there, anything larger is best treated by a team of carpet cleaning professionals like American Carpet Clean. They can handle your toughest pet stains and will do so with environmentally safe and non-toxic cleaning supplies that will be safe for even the smallest of puppies to be around.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Winter Care For Your Upholstered Furniture

Chances are you don't buy new furniture on a daily or weekly basis.  Most of us buy a living room suit once every 10 years, some of us even less often.  So in the meantime, it is important that you take care of this semi-major investment to keeping it looking good and in good shape. 
That means even during the holiday season and the cold, wet winter, you may need to take some extra caution and care. Here we offer a few  tips to help you preserve your upholstered furniture and keep it 'health' and new. 
As soon as there is a spill – wipe it up! Spills do not need to sit and soak in, this will only make it more difficult to get clean. As well, when furniture has a stain, it will accumulate even more dirt there. Dirt and grim build up only weakens the fiber of the fabrics which in turn, lessens the life span of our furniture. 
Flip the cushions weekly to retain their shape and keep them from getting permanent indentations. This should include changing the positions as well, meaning switch end cushions with the middle cushion on the couch, etc.  This is akin to rotating your car's tires.   
Keep your furniture out of direct sun light. This will fade your furniture quicker than you can image. If you do have your furniture placed in sunlight, rotate your furniture from time to time. Use a fabric protection like stain repellent and on furniture that gets heavy use, place washable covers over the arms, the back for protection.   
Not only is smoking bad for your health, it is not good for your upholstered furniture either. It leaves a foul smell and sticky, yellow coating on everything. If you have a smoker in the house, ask them to smoke outside. Or hire a professional furniture cleaner twice a year to keep your furniture fresh and healthy. 

With just a few extra steps you can keep you upholstered furniture healthy and live a long happy life with you and your family! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Winter Care For Your Carpeting

Winter in this part of the country can play havoc on your home or offices carpet. With the ice, mud, salt and snow being tracked in, it will really begin to look old and worn quick. So do you wait till spring time to clean this up? Or should you clean in the mean time? 
Any professional flooring person will recommend that you  maintain your carpet with regular cleaning. While it may seem like a worthless effort, it is a must to keep your carpet 'healthy' and give it a long life. After all, replacing carpet is not cheap, but cleaning it is! 
When left alone, all that wetness along with the dirt, grim and salt will simply get pushed deep down in the fibers and begin to weaken the carpet not to mention, make it look dingy, dirty and dull. Think of the nastiness left there that you and your family are breathing in as well! 
The first thing you should is place door mats at every entrance of your home, inside and outside each door. These will pick up so much of that mess it's amazing. Whether you realize it or not, when people see a door mat, even kids, it is a natural reaction to wipe their feet. 
Make it a habit to shake those door mats at least once a day, more on snow days. Even though those mats are catching all that loose dirt, grim, mud and wet, when the door mat gets filled up, it just starts getting tracked into the rest of the house. 
Regardless of all this door mat effort, there will be some spots here and there. Those can be spot cleaned with a damp rag and dish soap, blot, do not rub the stain. Rubbing will only spread the stain and push it deeper into the fibers. Then blot with a clean towel. Wet carpet should be dried as soon as possible to prevent mold and mildew. Use a clean towels to blot it dry, a hair dryer or if you have  shop-vac, even better. 

Be patient and take a deep breath. Spring is not that far away and you can schedule an appointment with a professional carpet cleaner now to be ahead of the rush! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Tips For Removing Soot From Your Carpet

With winter in full swing more and more families are switching their fireplaces to add a little extra warmth and atmosphere to their cold nights. But electronic or not, fireplaces produce soot, and that means your carpet can become a victim of soot stains.

Soot stains are incredibly tricky and can become ground into the fibers of your carpet very easily. On the whole you want a professional to take care of any soot stain that you find on your carpet or upholstery, but until they can come in and clean, here are some tips for mitigating the damage.

1. Sprinkle some baking soda or corn starch over the stained area. Both are absorbent powders and can help soak up any loose or surface particles.

2. After letting it sit for an hour, vacuum the powder with a vacuum cleaner.

3. Moisten a clean cloth with some dry cleaning fluid and blot the stain area to moisten the area, and help lift some of the stain. Allow the area to dry.

Be careful when blotting the stain because allowing too much moisture into the stain can cause it to run and spread. Anything that’s left to the stain should be handled by one of our professional cleaning crews who have the experience, skills and equipment to get these difficult types of stains out completely.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Red Wine Stain Removal

Out of all the stains your carpet can suffer, red wine is probably the worst. For the most part you’re going to need a professional carpet cleaner to get a particularly bad red wine stain out, but here are some ways you can mitigate the initial damage once it happens.

Firstly, you’re going to want to blot the stain with a clean white cloth. Don’t wipe and risk grinding the wine into the fibers of the carpet, just blot the stain to soak up any excess wine. And make sure you’re using alternate side of the cloth so you’re always blotting with a clean section of cloth.

Next pour a little water over the stain and continue blotting. The water will help dilute the wine and make soaking up the stain easier. But be sure not to pour too much water. You don’t want to waterlog the carpet and end up spreading the stain further.

Now you’re going to want to make a baking soda paste. With a 3-1 ratio of baking soda to water, mix up some baking soda paste and spread it directly on the stain. Wait until the paste dries and then vacuum up the paste. A good majority of the coloration should left with it.

The remains of the stain can be handles a number of more traditional ways. You can attempt using a carpet stain remover, but be aware that not all carpets respond the same way to chemical stain removers. So it might be time to call in some professionals if the stain is still lingering. Luckily American Carpet Clean is easy to get in contact with to get a free quote.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Holiday Hordes Are Coming!

With the holiday season rapidly approaching it’s hard to not to find ourselves drowning in the stress of the season. On top of all your regular responsibilities you've got to handle gift shopping, grocery shopping for holiday meals, and biggest of all you've got to get your house ready for any number of family and friends who will be coming over to stay.

But while we can’t help you in finding the perfect gift, we can help ease the stress of preparing your home for the oncoming holiday horde. Let American Carpet Clean handle the preparation and cleaning of your home for the holidays. Our Tulsa carpet cleaning crews are experts in making your carpets, kitchen and bathroom tiles and furniture looks it’s best for when everyone arrives. Your home will be the envy of your family once we’re done with it.

And after the festivities are over, and the family has all left, we can also handle to mess they left behind. We can clean the mud and grim the kids tracked on the carpet, our tile and grout services can take care of any damage done to the kitchen and our furniture cleaners can handle the wine stain your brother in-law left on the couch. And we can do all of this for some of the most affordable prices in Why make the holidays harder when American Carpet Clean can make it so easy? Lose the stress and give yourself space to appreciate the time you get to spend with your loved ones. We can be the gift you give yourself this season.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Helping You Deal With Seasonal Allergies

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation (AAFA) has released its 2013 Top 20 Fall Allergy Capitals in
America, and Oklahoma managed to make the dubious list twice. Oklahoma City ranked tenth with
Tulsa shortly behind at fifteenth. (see for yourself at http://allergycapitals.com/) While this should come as no surprise to anyone whose lived here it doesn't change the fact that we all have to find way to deal with the excessive ragweed, mold and pollen that can cause such severe allergies and asthma symptoms.

Luckily American Cleaning and Restoration can help you fight off the unrelenting horde of allergens that assault you every year. Our carpet cleaning services can take care of pollen and ragweed that get tracked in from outdoors and get infused into the fabric of your carpet or rug. And as the temperatures drop from the muggy and humid summer it gives us an damp and misty fall season with the perfect conditions for mold to start festering in your home. But our expert Tulsa carpet cleaning teams can stem the tide and by cleaning your carpet and furniture, clearing away old mold and preventing new mold from setting in. And as an added bonus our cleaning services also manage to take care of any dust mites and their eggs that are often found in furniture, and can cause so many asthma symptoms in so many people.

Let American Cleaning and Restoration help you and your family breathe easier this fall by keeping your carpets and furniture fresh and clean. Call 918-461-1280 for a free quote for your home or office.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Your Oriental Rug Is A Valuable Investment That Deserves Valuable Treatment

The purchase of a finely crafted Oriental rug is an investment that you want to protect so that you can enjoy its beauty for years to come. Unless you have placed it in an airtight bubble, no matter whether the room is never used or not, it will collect dust, even hanging on a wall.

However, this is something that you just don't get your handheld household vacuum cleaner out and run across it with carpet powders to make it smell better. An oriental rug should be cleaned by professional carpet cleaners that have the special equipment and products to clean it properly. You will want to make that the carpet cleaning company you call is qualified and trained in care and cleaning of oriental rugs. Things that you should verify are:

How long have they been in business altogether?
No less than 10 years is recommended

How much experience does their staff have in rug cleaning?
Three to five years per technician

What certifications and licensing do they have, can they provide you proof? 
They should have certification on training their employees are put through, especially when it comes to Oriental rugs.

Are they a member of the local Better Business Bureau?
Reputable companies will take the initiative to register with the BBB.

Are they bonded and insured as a company?
Are the technician’s individually bonded and insured?
You do not want anyone cleaning your investment that does not have insurance or a method of compensating you should any damage happen.

What process does your service go through in cleaning Oriental rugs? 
A professional service should include inspection, dusting, cleaning, grooming and drying. They may offer upsell of area rug repair and restoration, custom pad installation, fabric protector and moth repellent.

What type of equipment is used when to clean Oriental rugs?
Professional carpet and rug cleaning companies invest in professional equipment. That equipment would include specialized drying facilities, specialized dusting equipment and specialized washing equipment. If they simply use a hose on a concrete floor and use a host of chemicals, keep shopping.

Is furniture moving included in the cost of service? How is the furniture moved?
Furniture and rugs can be damaged if not moved correctly.

Do they pick up and deliver?
Your Oriental rugs are heavy, yet delicate to be handled. A quality carpet and rug cleaning service will provide this service, usually free of charge.

What type of guarantee do they offer?
These tie in with the bonded and insured question. They should offer and provide a written guarantee.

There are people that will throw a standard vacuum cleaner and rental rug cleaner in a pickup and call themselves professional carpet cleaners. Asking these questions will help you eliminate those from your prospective list and assure you get a qualified company.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Water Damage Keeps On Giving

A home can have water seepage from a variety of causes, with one of the most common causes being builder or contractor negligence. Other common causes are blocked drains and leaking pipes as well as natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and storms.

Once water damage has been discovered, the first thing you should do is obtain the services of a professional clean up company. The faster the damage is cleaned up and the water probable fixed, the better off your home will be.  Water damage is ugly and it can get expensive the more damage it causes. The water from natural disaster or from inside source like your bath or kitchen faucet, once it gets inside the floor and wall joints, under carpeting and tile, there will be damage you can't see.

Dampness under floors and inside walls breed mildew and mold, which not only will rot the structure of your home, but if undetected, will make the air inside your home unhealthy. Even curtains, drapes and furniture get any amount of dampness and it isn't addressed and cleaned up promptly, will breed mildew and mold as well.

The services of a  24/7 professional carpet cleaning service is valuable at times, and the cost of their services is usually covered by homeowner policies. Even if you have a deductible to pay, it is well worth the expense in the long run.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Small Fire – Big Odor

It is amazing what a fire can do to do a home. Yes, they are burned to the ground, and that in itself is bad news. Another aspect that you may not realize, the small kitchen fire or even the small fire on the grill out on the patio, can permeate an odor into your house.  It is hard to get some of those odors out!

One of the best ways to get that odor out is not the powders you vacuum up or the sprays that you buy
at the grocery store. Make an appointment for a professional carpet cleaner to come to the rescue! You may enjoy the smell of the hamburgers and steak that were cooking before the grill caught fire, but after a while, that aroma isn't so pleasant any more.

Or the kids have been home all summer making popcorn in the microwave and have more than once burned it – now that smell is in the house forever. Or what about that surprise dinner your husband was making and left the skillet of grease on the fire? A small fire, baking soda and a lid put it out, but the odor is there to stay.

Not if you call a professional Tulsa carpet cleaner to come clean the carpet, drapes and furniture. They have the proper equipment and chemicals that will get down deep into the fibers where all odors go to hide and live forever. Not only will the odors be gone, but the colors will be more vibrant and make your furniture and your entire home look and smell clean and fresh again.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Recent Smoker Quit – Get That Cigerette Smell Out Of The House

If there is one habit that is hard to quit, it is cigarette smoking. No matter the process you use, the treatments you take, to stop smoking cigarettes is hard. What can make it even harder is the smell of cigarettes in the home.  Once a smoker has been in a house, the carpet, the drapes, the furniture all retain the smell and it will not away in time. To get that odor out permanently, you need to bring in a Tulsa carpet cleaner to get that odor out of there.

You can vacuum and use the carpet powders and aerosol sprays all you want, the fabric fresh sprays are not going to work. The longer the smoker lived in the house smoking, the deeper into the fibers of the carpet, curtains and furniture that smell settled in. A professional Tulsa carpet cleaner will have the equipment and products that will get those odor out once and for all.

They will leave your home smelling fresh and clean once again. The colors on everything will be brighter and richer too. Most of all, the person that is trying to kick the habit won't have that smell they so crave lingering around anymore. The cost of a professional Tulsa carpet cleaner is well worth what it will do for the health of your loved one that just quit, as well as the non-smokers that are breathing in second-hand smoke.

Monday, July 29, 2013

What Can Be Worse Than Pet Urine Stain On New Carpet?!

You just bought new carpet, spending a pretty good chunk of change. It's not even a week old and the dog didn't get outside in time, now you have not just a stain, but a smelly stain too! You've worked and worked at it, and while the stain is gone, the odor is still sifting through the house. With out-of-town family coming in for a week's visit, you have to get that odor out.

While you may have tried the best and most recommended method and products, that nasty smell goes away for a few days, then boom, it's back again! What you may not realize, the products you're buying in the store may not be recommended for your carpet, thus causing damage that is going to be costly to repair or replace. Not to mention, the more you are cleaning and cleaning, there is a good chance you are only compressing that odor deeper into the pad underneath.

This is when you need to call a professional Tulsa carpet cleaner service. They not only have heavy duty equipment, but they have a host of chemicals that are 100% safe, 100% organic and they will have experience and techniques that will get the stain up and the odor neutralized. Your Owasso carpet cleaner service will also have a listings of major carpet brands and what products are suggested to use and what products are recommended not to use.

Once you have that pet urine stain, don't wait too long. Call a Tulsa carpet cleaner service right away and get that stain up, the odor neutralized and go back to enjoying that beautiful new carpet you just purchased.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Special Flooring Takes A Special Cleaning Process

Many of today's homes and offices that are built will have natural stone flooring installed. Gone are the day of carpeting or linoleum tiles. People want their homes and office to have the most exquisite and stylish floor possible and as such, they have choosing products such as granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, slate and others.

While these are all durable products, all natural and give that exquisite, fashionable look, they can also require special cleaning. The general day-to-day maintenance is pretty basic and the retailer or supplier you purchase your flooring from will be able to advise you how to do that cleaning.

However, to keep that beautiful shine and rich colors, a Tulsa carpet cleaner will have the equipment, products and most of all, the expertise, to clean them safely and keep them beautiful and rich. A professional floor cleaning service will know how certain chemicals will react to certain surfaces that can cause permanent damage.

A licensed Owasso carpet cleaner service will have the ability to not only clean the floor in general, but deep clean any grout that is holding the tiles in place with causing damage. They will have the equipment to get up under the counters and into corners that you won't be able to reach. When you have beautiful granite, marble or slate flooring, you want every inch to be as beautiful and rich forever.

Friday, June 21, 2013

When Summer Is Done – Will Your Ceramic And Tile Floors Show Signs?

Summer is just around the corner and the kids will be home all day with friends. The pets will be in and out with the kids and if you have a swimming pool or the kids play in a sprinkler, you're going to have tracks of fun all through your house. Like many Americans, you'll have out-of-town guest from time to time as well.

Plan now to have a professional carpet, ceramic and tile cleaning company come clean all that up and bring your floors back to the beautiful colors they once had. A professional carpet, ceramic and tile cleaning company not only has specialized equipment and products, but they have experience and techniques that will clean your floors without any damage.

Using those do-it-yourself machines from local big box store are good, but sometimes, they aren't working right and you end up with wetter carpets and the ceramic and tile floors are still dingy. That is because you don't have the proper method or products that professionals do.

In short time, your entire home can have the cleanest floors at the end of summer so that you can slide right on into the holidays with beautiful floors. Your guests and neighbors will wonder how you keep your floors so clean after a house full of kids, pets and visitors all summer!  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bring Your Drapes To Life Again

No matter how clean you keep your home and change out your air filters, the dirt, dust and pet hair will still find their way to your drapes. Over time, they will begin to lose their color and shapes, giving your home a dated and worn look.

You can help this by vacuuming them once a week with your home vacuum. That will get the immediate surface dirt and dust off and help keep them beautiful. However, from time to time, at least twice a year, you should have your drapery deep cleaned professionally.  Pet dander can get will soak into the fibers of your drapes and the odor never quite disappears.

With fabrics today, it can be just as easy to throw them in the washing machine then the dryer. This method though will begin to wear the fiber of your drapes down. Once the fiber starts to wear down, their shape will begin to weaken and loose that polished look they once had.

Instead, calling a professional service that cleans drapes with a dry steam and professional products is the best way. A team that has been trained and has the experience, professional equipment and skill can bring your drapes colors back to life without weakening the fibers.

Once your home's drapes have been deep cleaned by a professional service, you'll notice the air is fresher as well in your home. A professional cleaning will pull out the dirt, dust and odors that have been hanging in your home for years.

A professional deep cleaning can also eliminate cigar and cigarette smells. Whether you have a resident in your home that partakes in tobacco or after a holiday party, getting that odor out of your home is healthier.

Freshen your home with professional cleaning of your drapes at the same time you have your carpet and furniture cleaned. Making your home smell fresh and making it healthier all at the same time. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Pet Odors, Spots And Stains – A Health Concern For Sure

Many households have cats and dogs as indoor pets, and try as they, potty training doesn't always mean there won't be accidents, even by the most smartest, well trained pet. When those accidents happen, the odor, spots and stains left behind can make a homeowner feel helpless. You clean and clean, rub, spray and even rent the carpet cleaners at the local drug store.

Even with the spots and stains gone, the odor remains. What most pet lovers don't under about do-it-yourself kits,is that while they may remove pet spots and stains visually from the carpet, they are not getting down deep inside the fibers that are holding the odor. No matter how strong the cleaning chemicals are that are sold with the rent-a-machine, or what you find on the shelves at your grocery store, they can not get those odors out completely.

Not only when you can get odor out, it is not only offensive, but unhealthy as well. As you walk through your home barefoot, you are walking on those odors which exist of bacteria and germs. Not to mention if you have small children, as they play in the floor, they too are exposed to the bacteria and germs that are creating that odor. Imagine, your infant daughter or son learning to crawl on that bacteria and germs!

If this is describing your home, it may be time to bring in a professional carpet cleaning company. They will have the equipment, products and method that will give your home a pet cleaning job that will not only remove the visual spots and stains, but the bacteria and germs deep inside the fibers that are causing the odors. This may cost a little more than the do-it-yourself with rent-a-machine process does, but but the peace of mind knowing that the nasty bacteria and germs are gone can be well worth the cost.

You can find ads in the local paper or signs on telephone poles with company's advertising a great carpet cleaning “Three Rooms For $89” kind of deal,but are you really getting your carpets cleaned and sanitized? Will they use proper safety and take the hygiene measures needed to get that bacteria and germs out? Not every carpet cleaning company can give you pet spot, stain and odor removal that will get down deep. This takes the right equipment with the right method by experienced technicians that have been trained.

You need a professional carpet cleaning service that knows the right chemicals to use. Using the wrong chemicals or improper cleaning techniques won't get rid of the odor and can possibly damage your carpet. Your carpeting is an expensive investment to hand over to inexperienced technicians. When you have the offensive odors and no amount of carpet freshening powder is work, call a professional carpet cleaning service that specializes in pet odor, spot and stain removal and get the job done right, the first time. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rental Property Make Ready – Getting Pet Dander And Odors Out Is A Must

You made the decision and had the good fortune to purchase a house to create extra income. This is a wonderful investment with many tax write-offs as well. What you may not have realized though, one of the responsibilities as a landlord is getting the house make ready for new tenants.

There are certain procedures that are automatically followed, such as making sure all the appliances and lights are working well. Changing all the locks and making certain that the windows lock properly as well. Then the basic cleaning of the bathrooms and kitchen, maybe some painting here and there as well.

Did you know in most states, you are required to either have professional carpet cleaning done or replaced after each tenant? Of course, replacement is an expensive option and when the carpeting looks perfectly fine, why would you do that? Well by law in many areas, due to pet dander and odor. 

So your last tenant said they didn't have any pets. You never saw signs of a pet when you came over to check the air conditioner filter or unstop the disposal. Do you really know for sure though, that there were never any pets in the home? Even if your tenant had no pets, what about guests that brought their pets?

If your next tenant has high allergic issues, this can be a problem if you don't replace the carpet or at the very least, have it professionally cleaned. A professional carpet cleaning service can get down deep into the fiber of the carpeting and pull out all the pet dander, odor and remove those stains that you may find your tenant had attempted cleaning.

You can do it yourself with a rent-a-machine, but those aren't as powerful as a commercial machine that professional carpet cleaners use, nor will you have the chemicals and other tools that are used. A professional carpet cleaning service will get that carpet clean, smelling fresh and ready for your next income source to move right in – free of pet dander and odors

Monday, April 29, 2013

Get Rid Of Winter – Make Room For Spring!

Now is the time to clean out the dirt and germs from a long, cold winter and get ready for spring cleaning!

By hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, you can rest assure knowing that the dirt and germs of winter's cold and flu season are sucked up and gone.

Everyone in the house is getting healthy again; time to get the house healthy again too!

You can mop, sweep and vacuum all day long, every day, but you aren't going to get down into the fibers of the carpeting like a professional carpet cleaning service can. The pets have been in the house all winter; there is pet dander deep down that you can't see, but it's getting in the air and that's not good for anyone with allergies.

Even your new custom tile floors have dirt and germs down inside the pores that not only are keeping the air in your home unhealthy, but they are taking the color and vibrancy out of the tile too. You may think they look just as good as they did the day it was installed, but after a professional service has come to steam cleaned them, you’ll be amazed how much better they look.

Your daily and weekly cleanings are fine and help keep your home clean. There is nothing better though than a deep down cleaning by a professional service every so often to get that nasty bacteria out and gone. Not only will your home look better, but it will smell fresh and the floors will feel so good on your bare feet!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Got Your House On The Market?

The housing market is iffy and weak these days. Since it crashed a few years ago, it's hard to sell your home and get what you're asking. 

If you have had your house on the market for a while now with several showings, but it still not sold, it may be time to deep clean! 

Your house is less money than the one 3 doors down that sold in a week. Yours has been on the market for 3 months and you have had many showings, still no bites.

What can be the difference? Chances are your realtor has come in and gave you advice of staging furniture and fixtures to make it presentable. They had you do some touch up paint inside and outside, weed the flower bed and keep the bathroom picked up every morning. 

One more thing you can do is make a small investment and have professional service come in and steam clean the carpets, the curtains, the tile floors and even the furniture. Not only will it bring out the colors and designs, giving your home a new, polished look, but it will make is smell clean and fresh too! Many realtor suggest this be done anyway, but if yours didn’t take the initiative and do it yourself.

It won't be as cheap as the dollar menu for sure, but even for $200 or so, you are giving your home a revived look and feel that will make the next prospective buyer want to move in right then. With clean, crisp, fresh looking curtains in every room, who couldn't picture themselves sitting there every evening?

You probably invested a good amount of funds for that tile floor in the kitchen and breakfast room, but if they aren't showing their vibrant beautiful colors, they aren't doing you any justice. A professional cleaningservice has the right chemicals and equipment that get down deep in the grooves and pores to pull out the dirt and grime that dull that tile.

If your home has been sitting on the market long, call a professional cleaning service today and by tomorrow, you can start packing those boxes!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Water Comes With Damage Soon To Follow

tulsa water damage
Natural disasters or plumbing problems can cause flooding to your home or office interior.

Everyone hopes to never experience these types of problems and avoid possible water damage, chances are though, every home or office will at some experience some type of water damage.

Even for the homes  that every dish washer, faucet, hot water heater and washing machines are kept new and in great condition, doesn't make them invisible to mother nature. Floods from rains and storms can cause roofs to cave in, blow off and the water comes flooding in.
While you can take precautions to reduce possible the damage, but it happens. It's knowing what to do when it does happens that prevents further damage. With that being said, the first logical step is to hire a specialist in water removal.

Companies that specialize in water removal have the proper equipment, supplies and a license, well trained staff. They will properly extract the water from the area with a process that an individual won't know, therefore, the job won't be as complete and thorough as when a professional has done the work. After the water has been removed, it is extremely important to get any damage done repaired. This is more than just replacing flooring and painting walls, which should be done by licensed contractors as well.
The water damage specialist have the experience in finding damage, spot wear and tear that you may not. A professional water damage company will perform all the needed services to restore the flooring, flooring and as much of the accessories as possible such as bedspreads, curtains, etc. If this part is not done properly, there are possible safety risks that will increase the business owner or homeowner's liabilities.

When water damage has not been taken care of properly, it will also effect the value of the property. Bringing in a professional company is the best sure way to make sure that all is done properly and restores a home or office's value.  The possible structural damage can be long term and devastating as well as harmful to your health.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Do You Need To Clean Your Furniture?

furniture clean tulsa
You can own the most beautiful and palatial home, but if you don't take care of the furniture, it can look faded, old and worn too.

No matter how fresh the paint on the walls or how glossy the marble or wooden floors, when your furniture is dirty, it reflects on everything structural, and you.

Even with the best and highest quality of  formal living room or casual den furniture, they all need to be maintained to keep their colors vibrant and their condition good.
You can do this yourself weekly by vacuuming it all, this certainly won't hurt, especially the everyday furniture that may get crumbs and change dropped between the cushions. However, doing it yourself won't get down into the fibers and pull the dirt, dust and grime out that is keeping the colors hid.

It is difficult for most of us to find the time it takes to adequately clean ourfurniture, much less mattresses. Other than the general dusting of tables and the vacuuming between and under cushions, do you know how to clean your furniture? Do you know what type of products to use and what equipment or tools would you use? If you were to clean your formal sofa wrong, you could do some serious damage that may or may not be repairable.

A professional cleaning service has the equipment and products that will clean every type of fabric your may have on your furniture. From the everyday  stuff in the den to the fancy, proper sofa and settee in the formal rooms. A professional can clean not only your furniture, but they can clean your carpets, expensive drapes and even your tile floors and the grout too. They have the proper equipment and products to clean all types of fabric. Leather or suede furniture.

For a household that has children, the furniture can take abuse with climbing off and on as well as spilling drinks and dropping food. Then add the family cat or dog too, and your furniture not only gets dirty, but starts to smell too.  A professional cleaning service will know how to get rid of the stains and eliminate the odors. You will be pleasantly pleased and surprised how much cleaner your whole house smells.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why Is Commercial Cleaning Best For Your Carpets?

carpet cleaning tulsa
When it comes to cleaning your carpets, it is recommended to use a professional carpet cleaning company than to do it yourself.

What many don't realize is that using the wrong chemicals and process can cause damage to the fibers and shorten the life of your carpet. By having professional carpetcleaners, they have the chemicals that are tough on dirt, grime and stains but yet gentle on your carpet.

Professional carpet cleaners provide many things, among them are:

ñ  Absorbent powder that is sprinkled on the carpet and left to sit for a short period. The technician will then use a machine called a buffer which works the power down into the carpet when they then vacuum up the residue.  

ñ  Some carpet cleaning jobs are done with a bonnet attached to a buffer machine. The bonnet has cleaning solution in it and as it is ran over the carpet, it absorbs the dirt. The technician will replace the bonnet ever so often when it become saturated with dirt from the carpet.  

ñ  Some carpets are cleaned with a dry process or with wet solution that dries fast. There is no waiting period for the carpet to dry before you can begin walking on it again.  

ñ  Like shampooing, some times a dry foam is used, which like the dry process described above does not require any drying period and like the powder described above, the residue is vacuumed. 

ñ  The most traditional method is wet shampoo with a buffer and a cleaning solution. The technician goes over the carpet thoroughly and then after a drying period will vacuum any residue left behind.   

Having your carpet cleaned by an experienced, professional service will add life to your carpet. It is recommended to have them cleaned once a year unless you have an accident or heavy traffic with more spills, common in houses with children and pets.

Always do your research on carpet cleaning companies and use one that a good reputation, provides testimonials as well as insurance and licensing. Asking family and friends for recommendations can give good advise of companies they have used with success before as well.

When calling the different companies, ask how they charge. Some are by the square footage and others are by the number of rooms irregardless the size. Ask which method they use and if there will be a time the carpet can not be walked on. For homes with children or pets, make sure the product is safe as well as meets the manufacturer's requirements to keep your warranty in tact.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Ceramic Tile Floors Are Beautiful And Easy To Care For

ceramic cleaning tulsa
Ceramic tile floors are a beautiful upgrade to any home. However, some homeowners hesitate getting that upgrade with a fear of upkeep may be too much. Actually ceramic floors may need a some precaution, but using those precautions, they are fairly easy to care for. With proper care, ceramic tile can last for a long time and provide your home with a beautiful look for many years.

All  floors get dirty, there is no way to prevent that unless you just don't use the room. Ceramic tile is no different and just like carpeting, with a professional deep cleaning from time to time, it will bring the beauty and color back out and keep your floors in good condition.

Just as with any other type of flooring, spills need to be cleaned up promptly on ceramic tile. If spills are left to sit, it simply attracts more dirt, dust and grime to stick, same as it would carpet, linoleum or wood. Depending on what is spilled, it can stain the ceramic tile too, but again, this is not any different than other flooring materials.

You can save some wear on your ceramic tile flooring by placing door mats under locations that are prone to have dirt, such as at door ways where people are come inside from outside and track in dirt. Shaking the mats clean periodically is easier than having to clean the entire floor where the outside dirt  is tracked in on shoes, which require you to sweep the whole floor more frequently.

Before cleaning or mopping your ceramic flooring, check the recommendations by the manufacturer or the contractor that installs the flooring. There are many products on the market that state they are safe on ceramic tile. However, it is always recommended to do a small sample testing in an area that is not visible.

If you have a tile left over that wasn't used, this is perfect to test these cleaners to make sure there is no adverse reaction that could damage your beautiful flooring. You also want to make sure these cleaners are not harmful to the grout that is used when your ceramic tile floors were installed. Again, refer to your contractor or the recommendations by the manufacturer. 

When you begin to do your regular household cleaning, always sweep first. This rakes all the loose dirt and particles in one area and you can vacuum that up or use a dust pan with the broom.  A vacuum is more likely to get all the residue that a broom and dust pan can leave behind.

Next, using the cleanser you have purchased, which is usually mixed with warm water, the take a soft cotton mop or sponge mop  to apply the solution to your ceramic tile floor. Do only small sections at time so that you can rinse the ceramic tile floor before the solution has time to dry.

Just as with cleaning any other floor, you may need to repeat the process if the floors are heavily dirty from accidents, foot traffic and pets.  Use a gentle brush if scrubbing is necessary. For ceramic tile floors that have a gloss or shine, it is recommended to use a soft tile and wipe gently to eliminate any spotting.

Ceramictile flooring, just as carpeting, can always benefit from a professional cleaning as well. Using special equipment and products, an experienced professional is able to get down into the pores of the tile and pull out the dirt and grime that make ceramic tile dingy and dull.

With just a little extra attention in your cleaning process, a ceramic tile floor can give you home added beauty that you and your and family can enjoy for years to come.