Friday, March 13, 2015

Carpet Cleaning and Insurance

Everyone knows how important insurance is, right? That’s why you have auto insurance, health insurance and homeowners insurance. You also make sure that any contractor that does work in your home has insurance, too. Or, at least you ask them if they do.
Then, when the carpet cleaning company finishes your job, you notice a tear in the sofa or the carpet has come loose in a corner. You call the office where you made the appointment and file a complaint. They tell you they’ll turn it over to their insurance company.

Their insurance calls you and you find out that their business insurance policy will only cover the carpet repair. So now what? If you’re lucky, that really good deal you got on full house carpet cleaning will be with a reputable company who is honest and will pay to repair or replace your sofa.  You know deep down this is probably not going to happen, though.
For this instance we’ve described, it’s hard to say how to handle it or what will come of it all. For anyone that has not experienced anything like this, they’re things to do going forward to make sure that doesn’t happen.
A reputable carpet cleaning company will be glad to show you proof of insurance upon arrival. Take a look at this insurance to make sure you are going to be covered. You want to see what is called ‘'double insurance' policy. This means that their insurance isn’t just Liability Coverage, but they also have Treatments Risk Coverage.  That second part of the insurance provides coverage that protects anything that is damaged while the company is doing the carpet cleaning.