Monday, January 27, 2014

Vacuum Cleaner Features That Are Important

One of the most important household tools you can have is a vacuum cleaner. When shopping for one, it can be confusing, such as deciding if you need the canister style or an upright. It is important to know the differences between vacuums and knowing which is best for your needs.

Canister style vacuums are lighter weight than the upright style, which makes the upright a little harder to maneuver. The canister style is best for cleaning small gaps and spaces. Today both the canister style and the upright style come with attachments though, so that you can get in those small gaps and spaces with the upright style.

You will also need to choose either the bag or bag less vacuums, both of which have pros and cons to them. The bag type collects the dirt and dust in a sealed bag that is disposed of in the trash. The bag less type sucks the dirt and dust into a cup that is emptied out.

Depending on the area you live in, the filtration of a vacuum cleaner is important. There are 3 types of filters, each having a different suction ability. Homes with allergy sufferers should use the best HEPA filter possible to remove the allergens from the air.

The amount of power a vacuum cleaner has will make a difference in how powerful the suction is, which is determined by the motor's wattage. The higher the wattage, the more power and the stronger the suction.

Friday, January 10, 2014

How To Care For Your Flooring

You put some hard earned money into that ceramic tile floor and the last thing you want to do is damage it by cleaning. There are different methods and different products to use when it comes to cleaning your ceramic tile floors:

Resilient Floors:

This would include vinyl composition tile that is most commonly found in commercial buildings that have a high traffic flow because of its durability. The general care and maintenance is a drawback though and it is recommended by flooring specialist to have a finish or sealant applied to get a glossy look. You will need to regularly mop this type of floor with a neutral pH cleaner to keep that glossy look.

Stone Flooring:

Granite, limestone and marble fall under this category and are popular in home even though it is one of the most expensive types of flooring. This type of floor can be easily damaged if not cared for properly. Just as with the flooring described above, a neutral pH floor cleaner or soap specifically stated for stone floors is recommended. Never use acid or alkaline cleaners and never use flood mop use.

Masonry Flooring:

Flooring in this category includes ceramic tile, clay tile or concrete. How to clean them will depend on the style and texture. Such as glazed ceramic tile is moisture resistant and a neutral pH cleaner is recommended. Concrete flooring is usually sealed and the same neutral pH cleaner is recommended. Acid or alkaline cleaners should be avoided. The grout should be cleaned from time by professionals with slow moving steam machines to bring the dirt out of the deep pores.

Wood Flooring:

Very popular in homes however, care should be taken in the basic maintenance due to the fact that they can be easily damaged. Protecting them from abuse, moisture, soil and stains is a number one priority. Because they are sensitive to scratches and water, the basic maintenance is best with a microfiber flat mop with a commercial wood cleaner.

Laminate Flooring:

Another popular floor in homes, they are found in a combination of cellulose and wood with a melamine coating. This type of flooring probably requires the least amount of care other than daily sweeping and general moping. It is recommended to use minimal amounts of water as they are moisture sensitive.