Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Who Has Professional Carpet Cleaning Performed Daily?

As much as we would like the business here at American Cleaning & Restoration, we know it is just isn't practical to have your home's carpet professionally cleaned every day. For those of you who have pets though, you may think that's what you need sometimes.

To help you minimize the amount of cleaning you have to yourself and keep it all looking and smelling good between our visits, we offer the following suggestions for a home with pets:

Regular Vacuuming

Before you got Sparky the cat, may be you could get away with this chore like every other week. Now though, with a furry four legged family member, to keep your home looking good and smelling fresh, you'll need to vacuum twice a week at the very least. The more pets, the more vacuuming. The hairier the pet, the more vacuuming.

Frequent Bathing

Not you, your pet. By keeping the cat and dog clean, you'll keep your house cleaner and longer. Frequent bathing keeps the hair balls to a minimum and that not only keeps the floor clean, but the drapes and furniture too.

Stain-resistant Fabrics

Once you have brought a pet into the family, gone are the days of chintz or silk covered furniture. You want to get something that is odor resistant, stain resistant like Krypton. Leather is another good choice because it is durable and easy to clean. Or maybe go with Ultra-suede which is machine-washable, durable and feels good to the touch too.

Keep Bedding Washable

You can pretty much bet that with a pet in bed with you, accidents will happen like cat barfing. Make sure you have a good mattress cover and pad and cotton bed sheets that are patterned to better hide that pet hair and pet stains. Wash the bedspreads, comforter or duvet frequently.

Wall-to-wall Carpet Is a No-No

Nothing absorbs odor more than carpet. It also holds pet hair. Choose flooring that is pet friendly.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Not All Tiles Are Same When It Comes To Flooring

American Carpet & Restoration technicians are asked by customers if they were to replace the carpeting in the homes with tile, which type of tile is the best choice? We aren't in the business of recommending flooring materials, but we can offer you some information that may help you choose:

Stain-Resistant Porcelain

This is probably the most popular choice for kitchens simply because it is tough. Meaning it can take drops and spills and still look great. Whatever color you go with, get a grout color that is darker so that it will hide those stains.

Durable Slate-Look Porcelain

This is a strong tile and perfect for the laundry room or the mudroom. This tile has an indistinguishable look and resist moisture. It can take the muddy boots as well as the vibrating washing machine and still look good.

Small Mosaic Tiles

Great for a small area like a guest bath because they are small and they are great in moisture-prone areas.

Vinyl Tile

A heavy tile, you need to be cautious where you're installing this tile. Best when used in a basement room because it is the lowest point of the house, so the weight won't matter.

Oversized Travertine Tile

This is really popular in the Southwest, especially in ranch-style homes where hot is hot when it comes to weather. Why? Because it is a cool substance and feels good on the feet. For a home with radiant heat, this is the perfect flooring.

Stone-Like Porcelain

A great tile for the wine cellar because it won't stain permanently every time a little wine is spilled. This tile gives you Old World charm and looks while tough against chips and resisting moisture.

Natural Stone Tiles

Probably the best tile because it is all natural and can hold up to the outdoor elements, making it great for the kitchen and perfect for around the pool. Because grout is man-made and this area of the country has erratic temperature swings, it will need the grout replaced ever so often.

Slip-Resistant Slate

The entry to your home often takes the most traffic. This is the perfect tile because it is slip-resistance and the muddy, wet foot prints are hidden.