Friday, August 21, 2015

Is Padding Really Necessary With Carpeting?

When you buy new carpet, no doubt you have some sticker-shock and try to cut back where you can.  Too often people are making a great investment with quality carpet but don’t buy new padding to go with it.  If they are replacing carpet, they just use the existing padding. As well, if they are buying new carpet, many people believe it is thick enough on its own.

Both of those are the wrong way to look at carpet padding. The varieties of carpet padding to choose from can depend on what kind of floor the carpet is going over and what carpet style you choose. There are many benefits to having carpet padding installed with your carpet.

Longevity is Increased: Carpet padding can increase the life-span of your carpet. It protects the backing and binding by absorbing all of the impact of all the foot traffic. It also allows air flow to the vacuum cleaner to increase the suction of the cleaner. With a better suction, more dirt, debris and dust is removed.

Insulation is Increased: Carpet padding will make the room feel warmer in the winter by providing extra insulation. It can also keep cooler air inside as well during the hot months.

Keeps the Carpet in Place: Carpet padding will grip to the hard floor surface and keep the carpet still, which means less bunching and wrinkling.

Make Carpets Cushioned and Softer: Carpet padding provides another layer of padding to your carpet and absorbs any impact your floors may take. It also makes it feel softer when walking on it barefoot.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

5 Steps to Get Your House Winter-Ready

A lot of people dive into spring with “spring cleaning” but what about diving into winter with “winter cleaning”?  It is something that we should all think about because after all, we are going to be locked up inside for several months, right? So, may as well get a good clean start and here are 5 steps to help you get your home ready for winter:

The Furnace

With central air/heat units, you should be changing the filter every 30 days anyway, but if you only have central heat, you may not think about it during the summer.  Change it out now so that you have a clean, fresh filter in place before the cold snap hits. Check the furnace over as well making sure it is clear of any dirt, dust or grime that has collected during the spring and summer months. Vacuum up any dust bunnies underneath, those are a fire hazard.

Deep Clean the Floors

You’ve had the kids and their friends in and out all summer long, there is probably more dirt and sand tracked in than the beach has now! Get your carpets professionally deep cleaned now and get all that out of the fibers and deeper. Then have the hardwood and tile floors cleaned, too.

Dust From Top to Bottom

Get all that summer dusty haze cleaned out, including your ceiling fans and above the door frames and window frames. Pull the books and knick knacks off the shelves and dust, then dust the items as you put them back.  Getting all this dust out now will make your home smell better and be healthier.

You Can See Clearly Now

Get the windows cleaned on the outside and clean the insides, too. When that sun does come out during the winter, you want to see it and enjoy it right? A mixture of vinegar and water is great for the inside and is eco-friendly and safe.

The Kitchen Ceiling

If you had kids home all summer while you worked, you can bet there was more than one accident in the kitchen. If you haven’t looked up in a while, there is a good chance the ceiling has some splatters that need to be cleaned off. And while you’re at it, wipe down the cabinets, counters and walls, too.