Friday, September 20, 2013

Your Oriental Rug Is A Valuable Investment That Deserves Valuable Treatment

The purchase of a finely crafted Oriental rug is an investment that you want to protect so that you can enjoy its beauty for years to come. Unless you have placed it in an airtight bubble, no matter whether the room is never used or not, it will collect dust, even hanging on a wall.

However, this is something that you just don't get your handheld household vacuum cleaner out and run across it with carpet powders to make it smell better. An oriental rug should be cleaned by professional carpet cleaners that have the special equipment and products to clean it properly. You will want to make that the carpet cleaning company you call is qualified and trained in care and cleaning of oriental rugs. Things that you should verify are:

How long have they been in business altogether?
No less than 10 years is recommended

How much experience does their staff have in rug cleaning?
Three to five years per technician

What certifications and licensing do they have, can they provide you proof? 
They should have certification on training their employees are put through, especially when it comes to Oriental rugs.

Are they a member of the local Better Business Bureau?
Reputable companies will take the initiative to register with the BBB.

Are they bonded and insured as a company?
Are the technician’s individually bonded and insured?
You do not want anyone cleaning your investment that does not have insurance or a method of compensating you should any damage happen.

What process does your service go through in cleaning Oriental rugs? 
A professional service should include inspection, dusting, cleaning, grooming and drying. They may offer upsell of area rug repair and restoration, custom pad installation, fabric protector and moth repellent.

What type of equipment is used when to clean Oriental rugs?
Professional carpet and rug cleaning companies invest in professional equipment. That equipment would include specialized drying facilities, specialized dusting equipment and specialized washing equipment. If they simply use a hose on a concrete floor and use a host of chemicals, keep shopping.

Is furniture moving included in the cost of service? How is the furniture moved?
Furniture and rugs can be damaged if not moved correctly.

Do they pick up and deliver?
Your Oriental rugs are heavy, yet delicate to be handled. A quality carpet and rug cleaning service will provide this service, usually free of charge.

What type of guarantee do they offer?
These tie in with the bonded and insured question. They should offer and provide a written guarantee.

There are people that will throw a standard vacuum cleaner and rental rug cleaner in a pickup and call themselves professional carpet cleaners. Asking these questions will help you eliminate those from your prospective list and assure you get a qualified company.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Water Damage Keeps On Giving

A home can have water seepage from a variety of causes, with one of the most common causes being builder or contractor negligence. Other common causes are blocked drains and leaking pipes as well as natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and storms.

Once water damage has been discovered, the first thing you should do is obtain the services of a professional clean up company. The faster the damage is cleaned up and the water probable fixed, the better off your home will be.  Water damage is ugly and it can get expensive the more damage it causes. The water from natural disaster or from inside source like your bath or kitchen faucet, once it gets inside the floor and wall joints, under carpeting and tile, there will be damage you can't see.

Dampness under floors and inside walls breed mildew and mold, which not only will rot the structure of your home, but if undetected, will make the air inside your home unhealthy. Even curtains, drapes and furniture get any amount of dampness and it isn't addressed and cleaned up promptly, will breed mildew and mold as well.

The services of a  24/7 professional carpet cleaning service is valuable at times, and the cost of their services is usually covered by homeowner policies. Even if you have a deductible to pay, it is well worth the expense in the long run.