Friday, August 23, 2013

Small Fire – Big Odor

It is amazing what a fire can do to do a home. Yes, they are burned to the ground, and that in itself is bad news. Another aspect that you may not realize, the small kitchen fire or even the small fire on the grill out on the patio, can permeate an odor into your house.  It is hard to get some of those odors out!

One of the best ways to get that odor out is not the powders you vacuum up or the sprays that you buy
at the grocery store. Make an appointment for a professional carpet cleaner to come to the rescue! You may enjoy the smell of the hamburgers and steak that were cooking before the grill caught fire, but after a while, that aroma isn't so pleasant any more.

Or the kids have been home all summer making popcorn in the microwave and have more than once burned it – now that smell is in the house forever. Or what about that surprise dinner your husband was making and left the skillet of grease on the fire? A small fire, baking soda and a lid put it out, but the odor is there to stay.

Not if you call a professional Tulsa carpet cleaner to come clean the carpet, drapes and furniture. They have the proper equipment and chemicals that will get down deep into the fibers where all odors go to hide and live forever. Not only will the odors be gone, but the colors will be more vibrant and make your furniture and your entire home look and smell clean and fresh again.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Recent Smoker Quit – Get That Cigerette Smell Out Of The House

If there is one habit that is hard to quit, it is cigarette smoking. No matter the process you use, the treatments you take, to stop smoking cigarettes is hard. What can make it even harder is the smell of cigarettes in the home.  Once a smoker has been in a house, the carpet, the drapes, the furniture all retain the smell and it will not away in time. To get that odor out permanently, you need to bring in a Tulsa carpet cleaner to get that odor out of there.

You can vacuum and use the carpet powders and aerosol sprays all you want, the fabric fresh sprays are not going to work. The longer the smoker lived in the house smoking, the deeper into the fibers of the carpet, curtains and furniture that smell settled in. A professional Tulsa carpet cleaner will have the equipment and products that will get those odor out once and for all.

They will leave your home smelling fresh and clean once again. The colors on everything will be brighter and richer too. Most of all, the person that is trying to kick the habit won't have that smell they so crave lingering around anymore. The cost of a professional Tulsa carpet cleaner is well worth what it will do for the health of your loved one that just quit, as well as the non-smokers that are breathing in second-hand smoke.