Monday, May 20, 2013

Pet Odors, Spots And Stains – A Health Concern For Sure

Many households have cats and dogs as indoor pets, and try as they, potty training doesn't always mean there won't be accidents, even by the most smartest, well trained pet. When those accidents happen, the odor, spots and stains left behind can make a homeowner feel helpless. You clean and clean, rub, spray and even rent the carpet cleaners at the local drug store.

Even with the spots and stains gone, the odor remains. What most pet lovers don't under about do-it-yourself kits,is that while they may remove pet spots and stains visually from the carpet, they are not getting down deep inside the fibers that are holding the odor. No matter how strong the cleaning chemicals are that are sold with the rent-a-machine, or what you find on the shelves at your grocery store, they can not get those odors out completely.

Not only when you can get odor out, it is not only offensive, but unhealthy as well. As you walk through your home barefoot, you are walking on those odors which exist of bacteria and germs. Not to mention if you have small children, as they play in the floor, they too are exposed to the bacteria and germs that are creating that odor. Imagine, your infant daughter or son learning to crawl on that bacteria and germs!

If this is describing your home, it may be time to bring in a professional carpet cleaning company. They will have the equipment, products and method that will give your home a pet cleaning job that will not only remove the visual spots and stains, but the bacteria and germs deep inside the fibers that are causing the odors. This may cost a little more than the do-it-yourself with rent-a-machine process does, but but the peace of mind knowing that the nasty bacteria and germs are gone can be well worth the cost.

You can find ads in the local paper or signs on telephone poles with company's advertising a great carpet cleaning “Three Rooms For $89” kind of deal,but are you really getting your carpets cleaned and sanitized? Will they use proper safety and take the hygiene measures needed to get that bacteria and germs out? Not every carpet cleaning company can give you pet spot, stain and odor removal that will get down deep. This takes the right equipment with the right method by experienced technicians that have been trained.

You need a professional carpet cleaning service that knows the right chemicals to use. Using the wrong chemicals or improper cleaning techniques won't get rid of the odor and can possibly damage your carpet. Your carpeting is an expensive investment to hand over to inexperienced technicians. When you have the offensive odors and no amount of carpet freshening powder is work, call a professional carpet cleaning service that specializes in pet odor, spot and stain removal and get the job done right, the first time. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rental Property Make Ready – Getting Pet Dander And Odors Out Is A Must

You made the decision and had the good fortune to purchase a house to create extra income. This is a wonderful investment with many tax write-offs as well. What you may not have realized though, one of the responsibilities as a landlord is getting the house make ready for new tenants.

There are certain procedures that are automatically followed, such as making sure all the appliances and lights are working well. Changing all the locks and making certain that the windows lock properly as well. Then the basic cleaning of the bathrooms and kitchen, maybe some painting here and there as well.

Did you know in most states, you are required to either have professional carpet cleaning done or replaced after each tenant? Of course, replacement is an expensive option and when the carpeting looks perfectly fine, why would you do that? Well by law in many areas, due to pet dander and odor. 

So your last tenant said they didn't have any pets. You never saw signs of a pet when you came over to check the air conditioner filter or unstop the disposal. Do you really know for sure though, that there were never any pets in the home? Even if your tenant had no pets, what about guests that brought their pets?

If your next tenant has high allergic issues, this can be a problem if you don't replace the carpet or at the very least, have it professionally cleaned. A professional carpet cleaning service can get down deep into the fiber of the carpeting and pull out all the pet dander, odor and remove those stains that you may find your tenant had attempted cleaning.

You can do it yourself with a rent-a-machine, but those aren't as powerful as a commercial machine that professional carpet cleaners use, nor will you have the chemicals and other tools that are used. A professional carpet cleaning service will get that carpet clean, smelling fresh and ready for your next income source to move right in – free of pet dander and odors