Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Is Winding Down – Get Your Carpet Ready For Winter

Summer is dwindling to a close now and before long the guests won't be coming and the kids will be back to school. On your list of things to do in getting the kids ready for school, the last thing on there should be get the carpets cleaned.

Why? Well, summer is a busy time. Kids home all day, guests in and out. The foot traffic is heavy and your carpets have taken a beating. Even though there were the weekly vacuuming chores for the kids, or even if you do it yourself, the dirt and grime that gets worked into the fibers is still there.

Before winter gets here and locks everyone up inside for endless weeks, take the time now to get your carpeting professionally cleaned. This will not only get the dirt and grime down deep into the fibers, but it also gets rid of bacteria and germs that you and your family will be breathing in. You may be thinking you'll just rent one of those machines and do it yourself, but when not done right or if the machine isn't working right, can only bury the dirt and grime down even further.

With the dirt and grime buried down deeper and deeper, it makes a good place for more bacteria, dirt, germs and grime to keep building up. Your carpeting will start to look dingy and lose its color too. However, the equipment that professional carpet cleaners like American Cleaning and Restoration can pull up all that nasty stuff and make your floors as well as your whole home healthier.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Be Careful Using Plain Water To Clean Your Furniture

The kids have been home and they've had friends in and out all summer. Maybe you've had guests staying a few days here and there as well. With that going on, the chances of something getting spilled on a chair or your sofa is pretty high. If you attempted to clean it up with plain water, you may have just made it worse.

A popular fabric on furniture right now is Viscose, or you may know it as Rayon. It is manmade from natural materials that include wood pulp, which is similar to cotton. It is nearly pure cellulose and has been around for what seems like forever. Viscose gives furniture a high sheen pile fabric that feels good and looks good.

The downside to viscose is that when it comes in contact with any form of water, drinks, wet hands, etc., the fibers of the fabric swell and stay swollen. The spot becomes even more visible because Viscose fibers that have been in contact with water remain swollen because they reflect light. This will make the spot stand out massively more so than the rest of the furniture that didn't get wet. That spot now looks a different color permanently and when viscose fibers become wet, they become 40% weaker as well.

So what do you do to clean this type of furniture? A steam cleaner can be your best friend when you own furniture with viscose fabric. The main purpose of these machines is to clean floors, but some come with attachments for cleaning upholstery too. However, steam is made of water and if not done properly can make the matter even worse. You could even ruin your furniture completely if not careful.

Depending on how old your furniture is, how long you plan to keep your furniture, and how bad the wet spots are, it may be in your best interest to call a professional service such as American Cleaning and Restoration. We not only have the experience, knowledge, and skills to clean your viscose furniture, but we also have the proper equipment.