Friday, December 19, 2014

Things to Know About New Carpet

Buying new carpet is an intense thing to go through. It’s one of the most expensive additional investments you'll do to an already expensive investment, your home. You want to choose the right color, the right fiber and select a construction of carpet that will bode well with your home's traffic.

However, when the big day comes to have it installed, there are some issues American Cleaning & Restoration believes you should be aware of that come along with new carpeting:

It Will Shed 

New carpet sheds, usually for about the first year. You will find balls of fluff here and there in the air or balled up on the floor. This is normal and with regular vacuuming, it will minimize the amount of shedding. If you notice a tuft of carpet growing, use sharp scissors and cut it off. Do not pull the tuft!

Buckling, Rippling and Wrinkling 

When improperly installed, carpeting may buckle, ripple or wrinkle. Should you notice this, call the carpet installer immediately to have it corrected. They will most likely have a power stretcher come out to correct the problem. Before they leave, check the carpeting for any defects.


Normal wear and tear and foot traffic as well as heavy furniture will begin to crush carpet fibers and this is normal. Some grades of carpet will crush easier and quicker than others. Frequent vacuuming of the heavy traffic areas will help keep it fluffed up and on a regular basis, move the heavy furniture just a few inches. You can also purchase froth blocks and protecting tabs.

Loss of Color 

The sunlight and cleaning chemicals will eventual fade or yellow carpeting. Avoid using harsh chemicals and use window shades to minimize the sunlight will keep your carpet looking bright and vibrant.

Marks and Stains 

No matter how careful you may be, what type of protectant you use, stains can happen. To keep your carpet in good condition, stains should be treated immediately. Services of a professional carpet cleaning service such American Cleaning & Restoration are always your best bet when the stain is deep as well as regular cleaning.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Is Your Home's Carpet In Style For 2015?

After all the Christmas gifts are unwrapped, put away and the New Year’s Eve party has settled, it may be time to take a look at your home's carpeting. If those days when you get home and kick off your shoes  to walk on plush, soft carpeting isn't happening any more, it could be wore out.

American Cleaning & Restoration offers you the following bits of information for the carpet choices and
styles that are expected in 2015:

1. According to those designers on television shows, 2015 will see a shift in carpeting going with a layered color with soft texture. Why the layered color and pattern with texture? It hides soil!

2. The colors for 2015 are going to be neutral in grays and taupe, not just for carpeting but furniture, paint and window treatments. The “pop of color” will be blues and teals to give a room energy along with emerald, lime, and moss greens.  The eco-friendly and the natural look are going to be in for 2015.

3. Home fashion magazines are telling us that vivid carpet will be what you want to give a room a huge impact. Natural flooring will be going with deep tones like charcoal and chocolate brown in 2015 while
offset with neutral colors like warm creams and cool gray. Brighten up the hallways with brighter colors
like blue, lilac, plum and reds.

4. Always safe no matter what year is black, sand and white, they are the basic go-to colors and work
well with other colors for that accent.