Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Water Comes With Damage Soon To Follow

tulsa water damage
Natural disasters or plumbing problems can cause flooding to your home or office interior.

Everyone hopes to never experience these types of problems and avoid possible water damage, chances are though, every home or office will at some experience some type of water damage.

Even for the homes  that every dish washer, faucet, hot water heater and washing machines are kept new and in great condition, doesn't make them invisible to mother nature. Floods from rains and storms can cause roofs to cave in, blow off and the water comes flooding in.
While you can take precautions to reduce possible the damage, but it happens. It's knowing what to do when it does happens that prevents further damage. With that being said, the first logical step is to hire a specialist in water removal.

Companies that specialize in water removal have the proper equipment, supplies and a license, well trained staff. They will properly extract the water from the area with a process that an individual won't know, therefore, the job won't be as complete and thorough as when a professional has done the work. After the water has been removed, it is extremely important to get any damage done repaired. This is more than just replacing flooring and painting walls, which should be done by licensed contractors as well.
The water damage specialist have the experience in finding damage, spot wear and tear that you may not. A professional water damage company will perform all the needed services to restore the flooring, flooring and as much of the accessories as possible such as bedspreads, curtains, etc. If this part is not done properly, there are possible safety risks that will increase the business owner or homeowner's liabilities.

When water damage has not been taken care of properly, it will also effect the value of the property. Bringing in a professional company is the best sure way to make sure that all is done properly and restores a home or office's value.  The possible structural damage can be long term and devastating as well as harmful to your health.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Do You Need To Clean Your Furniture?

furniture clean tulsa
You can own the most beautiful and palatial home, but if you don't take care of the furniture, it can look faded, old and worn too.

No matter how fresh the paint on the walls or how glossy the marble or wooden floors, when your furniture is dirty, it reflects on everything structural, and you.

Even with the best and highest quality of  formal living room or casual den furniture, they all need to be maintained to keep their colors vibrant and their condition good.
You can do this yourself weekly by vacuuming it all, this certainly won't hurt, especially the everyday furniture that may get crumbs and change dropped between the cushions. However, doing it yourself won't get down into the fibers and pull the dirt, dust and grime out that is keeping the colors hid.

It is difficult for most of us to find the time it takes to adequately clean ourfurniture, much less mattresses. Other than the general dusting of tables and the vacuuming between and under cushions, do you know how to clean your furniture? Do you know what type of products to use and what equipment or tools would you use? If you were to clean your formal sofa wrong, you could do some serious damage that may or may not be repairable.

A professional cleaning service has the equipment and products that will clean every type of fabric your may have on your furniture. From the everyday  stuff in the den to the fancy, proper sofa and settee in the formal rooms. A professional can clean not only your furniture, but they can clean your carpets, expensive drapes and even your tile floors and the grout too. They have the proper equipment and products to clean all types of fabric. Leather or suede furniture.

For a household that has children, the furniture can take abuse with climbing off and on as well as spilling drinks and dropping food. Then add the family cat or dog too, and your furniture not only gets dirty, but starts to smell too.  A professional cleaning service will know how to get rid of the stains and eliminate the odors. You will be pleasantly pleased and surprised how much cleaner your whole house smells.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why Is Commercial Cleaning Best For Your Carpets?

carpet cleaning tulsa
When it comes to cleaning your carpets, it is recommended to use a professional carpet cleaning company than to do it yourself.

What many don't realize is that using the wrong chemicals and process can cause damage to the fibers and shorten the life of your carpet. By having professional carpetcleaners, they have the chemicals that are tough on dirt, grime and stains but yet gentle on your carpet.

Professional carpet cleaners provide many things, among them are:

ñ  Absorbent powder that is sprinkled on the carpet and left to sit for a short period. The technician will then use a machine called a buffer which works the power down into the carpet when they then vacuum up the residue.  

ñ  Some carpet cleaning jobs are done with a bonnet attached to a buffer machine. The bonnet has cleaning solution in it and as it is ran over the carpet, it absorbs the dirt. The technician will replace the bonnet ever so often when it become saturated with dirt from the carpet.  

ñ  Some carpets are cleaned with a dry process or with wet solution that dries fast. There is no waiting period for the carpet to dry before you can begin walking on it again.  

ñ  Like shampooing, some times a dry foam is used, which like the dry process described above does not require any drying period and like the powder described above, the residue is vacuumed. 

ñ  The most traditional method is wet shampoo with a buffer and a cleaning solution. The technician goes over the carpet thoroughly and then after a drying period will vacuum any residue left behind.   

Having your carpet cleaned by an experienced, professional service will add life to your carpet. It is recommended to have them cleaned once a year unless you have an accident or heavy traffic with more spills, common in houses with children and pets.

Always do your research on carpet cleaning companies and use one that a good reputation, provides testimonials as well as insurance and licensing. Asking family and friends for recommendations can give good advise of companies they have used with success before as well.

When calling the different companies, ask how they charge. Some are by the square footage and others are by the number of rooms irregardless the size. Ask which method they use and if there will be a time the carpet can not be walked on. For homes with children or pets, make sure the product is safe as well as meets the manufacturer's requirements to keep your warranty in tact.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Ceramic Tile Floors Are Beautiful And Easy To Care For

ceramic cleaning tulsa
Ceramic tile floors are a beautiful upgrade to any home. However, some homeowners hesitate getting that upgrade with a fear of upkeep may be too much. Actually ceramic floors may need a some precaution, but using those precautions, they are fairly easy to care for. With proper care, ceramic tile can last for a long time and provide your home with a beautiful look for many years.

All  floors get dirty, there is no way to prevent that unless you just don't use the room. Ceramic tile is no different and just like carpeting, with a professional deep cleaning from time to time, it will bring the beauty and color back out and keep your floors in good condition.

Just as with any other type of flooring, spills need to be cleaned up promptly on ceramic tile. If spills are left to sit, it simply attracts more dirt, dust and grime to stick, same as it would carpet, linoleum or wood. Depending on what is spilled, it can stain the ceramic tile too, but again, this is not any different than other flooring materials.

You can save some wear on your ceramic tile flooring by placing door mats under locations that are prone to have dirt, such as at door ways where people are come inside from outside and track in dirt. Shaking the mats clean periodically is easier than having to clean the entire floor where the outside dirt  is tracked in on shoes, which require you to sweep the whole floor more frequently.

Before cleaning or mopping your ceramic flooring, check the recommendations by the manufacturer or the contractor that installs the flooring. There are many products on the market that state they are safe on ceramic tile. However, it is always recommended to do a small sample testing in an area that is not visible.

If you have a tile left over that wasn't used, this is perfect to test these cleaners to make sure there is no adverse reaction that could damage your beautiful flooring. You also want to make sure these cleaners are not harmful to the grout that is used when your ceramic tile floors were installed. Again, refer to your contractor or the recommendations by the manufacturer. 

When you begin to do your regular household cleaning, always sweep first. This rakes all the loose dirt and particles in one area and you can vacuum that up or use a dust pan with the broom.  A vacuum is more likely to get all the residue that a broom and dust pan can leave behind.

Next, using the cleanser you have purchased, which is usually mixed with warm water, the take a soft cotton mop or sponge mop  to apply the solution to your ceramic tile floor. Do only small sections at time so that you can rinse the ceramic tile floor before the solution has time to dry.

Just as with cleaning any other floor, you may need to repeat the process if the floors are heavily dirty from accidents, foot traffic and pets.  Use a gentle brush if scrubbing is necessary. For ceramic tile floors that have a gloss or shine, it is recommended to use a soft tile and wipe gently to eliminate any spotting.

Ceramictile flooring, just as carpeting, can always benefit from a professional cleaning as well. Using special equipment and products, an experienced professional is able to get down into the pores of the tile and pull out the dirt and grime that make ceramic tile dingy and dull.

With just a little extra attention in your cleaning process, a ceramic tile floor can give you home added beauty that you and your and family can enjoy for years to come.