Monday, July 29, 2013

What Can Be Worse Than Pet Urine Stain On New Carpet?!

You just bought new carpet, spending a pretty good chunk of change. It's not even a week old and the dog didn't get outside in time, now you have not just a stain, but a smelly stain too! You've worked and worked at it, and while the stain is gone, the odor is still sifting through the house. With out-of-town family coming in for a week's visit, you have to get that odor out.

While you may have tried the best and most recommended method and products, that nasty smell goes away for a few days, then boom, it's back again! What you may not realize, the products you're buying in the store may not be recommended for your carpet, thus causing damage that is going to be costly to repair or replace. Not to mention, the more you are cleaning and cleaning, there is a good chance you are only compressing that odor deeper into the pad underneath.

This is when you need to call a professional Tulsa carpet cleaner service. They not only have heavy duty equipment, but they have a host of chemicals that are 100% safe, 100% organic and they will have experience and techniques that will get the stain up and the odor neutralized. Your Owasso carpet cleaner service will also have a listings of major carpet brands and what products are suggested to use and what products are recommended not to use.

Once you have that pet urine stain, don't wait too long. Call a Tulsa carpet cleaner service right away and get that stain up, the odor neutralized and go back to enjoying that beautiful new carpet you just purchased.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Special Flooring Takes A Special Cleaning Process

Many of today's homes and offices that are built will have natural stone flooring installed. Gone are the day of carpeting or linoleum tiles. People want their homes and office to have the most exquisite and stylish floor possible and as such, they have choosing products such as granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, slate and others.

While these are all durable products, all natural and give that exquisite, fashionable look, they can also require special cleaning. The general day-to-day maintenance is pretty basic and the retailer or supplier you purchase your flooring from will be able to advise you how to do that cleaning.

However, to keep that beautiful shine and rich colors, a Tulsa carpet cleaner will have the equipment, products and most of all, the expertise, to clean them safely and keep them beautiful and rich. A professional floor cleaning service will know how certain chemicals will react to certain surfaces that can cause permanent damage.

A licensed Owasso carpet cleaner service will have the ability to not only clean the floor in general, but deep clean any grout that is holding the tiles in place with causing damage. They will have the equipment to get up under the counters and into corners that you won't be able to reach. When you have beautiful granite, marble or slate flooring, you want every inch to be as beautiful and rich forever.