Friday, June 21, 2013

When Summer Is Done – Will Your Ceramic And Tile Floors Show Signs?

Summer is just around the corner and the kids will be home all day with friends. The pets will be in and out with the kids and if you have a swimming pool or the kids play in a sprinkler, you're going to have tracks of fun all through your house. Like many Americans, you'll have out-of-town guest from time to time as well.

Plan now to have a professional carpet, ceramic and tile cleaning company come clean all that up and bring your floors back to the beautiful colors they once had. A professional carpet, ceramic and tile cleaning company not only has specialized equipment and products, but they have experience and techniques that will clean your floors without any damage.

Using those do-it-yourself machines from local big box store are good, but sometimes, they aren't working right and you end up with wetter carpets and the ceramic and tile floors are still dingy. That is because you don't have the proper method or products that professionals do.

In short time, your entire home can have the cleanest floors at the end of summer so that you can slide right on into the holidays with beautiful floors. Your guests and neighbors will wonder how you keep your floors so clean after a house full of kids, pets and visitors all summer!  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bring Your Drapes To Life Again

No matter how clean you keep your home and change out your air filters, the dirt, dust and pet hair will still find their way to your drapes. Over time, they will begin to lose their color and shapes, giving your home a dated and worn look.

You can help this by vacuuming them once a week with your home vacuum. That will get the immediate surface dirt and dust off and help keep them beautiful. However, from time to time, at least twice a year, you should have your drapery deep cleaned professionally.  Pet dander can get will soak into the fibers of your drapes and the odor never quite disappears.

With fabrics today, it can be just as easy to throw them in the washing machine then the dryer. This method though will begin to wear the fiber of your drapes down. Once the fiber starts to wear down, their shape will begin to weaken and loose that polished look they once had.

Instead, calling a professional service that cleans drapes with a dry steam and professional products is the best way. A team that has been trained and has the experience, professional equipment and skill can bring your drapes colors back to life without weakening the fibers.

Once your home's drapes have been deep cleaned by a professional service, you'll notice the air is fresher as well in your home. A professional cleaning will pull out the dirt, dust and odors that have been hanging in your home for years.

A professional deep cleaning can also eliminate cigar and cigarette smells. Whether you have a resident in your home that partakes in tobacco or after a holiday party, getting that odor out of your home is healthier.

Freshen your home with professional cleaning of your drapes at the same time you have your carpet and furniture cleaned. Making your home smell fresh and making it healthier all at the same time.