Friday, June 12, 2015

What Does Carpet Stretching Do?

You have carpet in your home for the beauty and comfort it provides. When properly installed, it can last you for many years. Sometimes though, no matter how well carpeting has been installed, it can become lumpy and wrinkled. When this happens, have a professional carpeting service company check it out, they may recommend carpet stretching.

Things a carpet professional will look at are the depth and if there is any damage such as cuts to the base structure. Depending on the severity of the cuts or damage, they will advise if stretching will help. Using a knee kicker or a power stretcher, the technician will pull and stretch the carpeting from the middle to the edges. As they get it pulled tight they will re-tack the carpet to the tack strips along the edges.

Once they have completed this process, working around the entire room, all the bumps, lumps and wrinkles that were there are gone.  You can once again move your furniture where you want it and not where it hides waded up carpeting.