Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Carpet has Pile Reversal Shading! What is That?

Any cut pile carpeting can experience Permanent Pile Reversal Shading. The phenomenon occurrence is random and largely unexplained. Some people will refer to it as pooling, puddling or watermarking. When cut pile carpeting has ‘shaded', it has darker or lighter areas within the carpet pile. This deviation is triggered by the reflection of light from carpeting pile tufts that lay in various directions.

When you see Permanent Pile Reversal Shading, it will look much like suede or velvet that has been brushed. However, when it comes to carpeting, that change in appearance will be permanent and that of course impacts the carpet’s appearance. So, before you buy carpet again, be sure to consider the chances of this occurring with a cut pile carpet.

What is Shading?

This is a general term that can often be used incorrectly, such as describing an amount of carpet characteristics which aren’t even related to Permanent Pile Reversal Shading. Here we offer you the explanations of some commonly used terms. It will explain the terms that not Permanent Pile Reversal Shading.

Pooling, Puddling, and Watermarking: These are terms that are used when describing areas that are dark or light in the carpet which may look like water spills. This is a permanent look and is Permanent Pile Reversal Shading.

Footmarking: These are localized marks on the carpeting pile and are usually caused by normal foot traffic that includes dragging or scuffing. This is a temporary look and can disappear with brushing or vacuuming the pile in the normal direction.

Tracking: This describes the crushing or flattening of carpeting pile in areas with heavy foot traffic. Tracking can appear in all types of carpets, depending on the foot traffic patterns.

What do Experts Know About Permanent Pile Reversal Shading?

There has been much extensive development and research in the industry to minimize the shading, but the predictability of this characteristic is not possible. Here is the general consensus that has been determined:

  • Any cut pile carpet or rug, even bonded, hand knotted, handmade, knitted, tufted or woven.
  • All carpet blends and fibers are subject to shading.
  • Carpeting will not wear out any sooner because of shading.

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