Tuesday, April 26, 2016

When it Comes to Cleaning Carpet, is Thicker Carpet Harder?

If you’re considering buying new carpet, we want to talk to you about the type of carpeting to buy, or not buy. The quality and the thickness are two things to consider when buying new carpet. The carpet was so different during the 70’s and up into the early 90’s, particularly from the manufacturing perspective. Like, first of all, there were no cheap options. Even the low to mid-grade carpeting was expensive.

From a carpet cleaning company’s perspective, the majority of carpet back then was what we like to refer to as “Pea Soup.” You know, that murky, thick carpeting that was so hard to clean. Sadly, some of it looked like pea soup, too – YUCK!

For a professional carpet cleaning, the carpet then was akin to pushing our carpet cleaning wand through a pool of thick mud. Extracting that deep down nasty contamination is not easy with that pea soup thickness. It can be done, but it isn’t easy and sure isn’t quick.

Our technicians will have to work slow and steady to flush thoroughly out the fibers and give you the awesome results you expect and want. In addition to slow and steady, the tech will have to purge the contamination and in order to penetrate the carpeting, they will have to increase the solution pressure, too. Next, they will have to do more vacuuming to stay even with the amount of solution.

So, what does all this mean to you? The carpet cleaning will be more expensive. So, when you call around to get quotes on carpet cleaning, ask what PSI they use. They will probably ask what type of carpeting you have and how thick it is. Be upfront and tell them and be sure they are using enough to get your carpeting cleaned.

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